Floating Blue Tables
Floating Gold Tables
Floating Pedestal
Ibiza Floor Sculpture
River Stone, Stainless Steel
Green Marble Bowl
Rug, 'Cypress Trees'
Mobile 'Majestic'
Floating Gold Cube Planter
Flower Power Sculptures
Marbled Fabrics
We are all different yet we are all 86.5"L x 59"W.
Horizon Console Cabinet
Reading between the lines. (25"L x 16"W x 33"H)
Art Tables
A ballet of hand crafted legs. (34.5"h x 51"ol x 19"ow & 20.25"h x 15"ol x 15"ow)
Heart Wall Art
Love your walls. (24” x 24”)
Ibiza Sculptures
Like an attractive after-hours party. Riotous, movable and a mysterious mix of sizes and shapes. (27"H x 11"OD)
Bibi Chair
69 pounds of Chicago fiberglass that will survive the winter.
Narciss Wall Art
Narciss...divine hypnosis of the mind's geometry (Salvador Dali). 28 to 46 inches of beauty that is in the eyes of the beholder.
Quartz Stainless Planter
This stainless steel and resin quartz is hard to find in nature. (32”H x 18.5”D)
Web Screen
Attractive room divider, excellent conversation starter. (84"H x 42"L x 12"TH)
Web Day Bed
A sculptural mammoth perfect for any environment. (63"OD x 27.6"H)
Angel Table Series
Ethereal forms meticulously pieced together. (38"L x 24"W x 17"H & 16"OD x 17"H)
Marble Couture Folded Shirt
There are wrinkles in these twenty-three pounds of Santo Tomas marble.
Durus Fiberglass Bench
Fiberglass that lives up to its name. Tough, Strong, and Enduring.
Jackson Jugs
Oil and water won’t mix on these wood vases.
Cindy & Alexis Vases
Alexis is the taller, older sister.
Nora Vases
Oil paints and water don't mix.
Knotted Macrame Panel
Our mother's basement find on steroids. 108"H x 72"W.
Binakol Grey & White Twister Fabric
LSD (loom, style, design)- Tribal women were inspired by wind.
Binakol Black & White Twister Fabric
Sustainable hallucinogenic mind control.
Marble Bowls
RUSA (Refined Utilitarian Sculptural Artforms).
Heart Throb Sculpture
A life-sized version of the original emoji. 1250 A.D.
Love Bench & Me Bench
Two benches made for each other. Inlaid marble.
Ping Coffee Table
Wired like after having a pot of coffee.
XOXO Marble Coffee & Side Tables
Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses.
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