Muse Modern Emeritus

Muse Modern is always evolving. Designs move from our minds and into the world and are eventually retired. Scroll down to see past musings.

Love Bench & Me Bench
Angel Table Series
Pond Tiered Table
Angel Side Table
Marble Bowls
Marble Couture Folded Shirt
Burkina Floor Vase
Alessandro Chair
Blanche Melon Vases
Blanche Bottle Vases
Tangier Wall Art
Silk Cocoon Panel
Marble Couture Panama Hat
Igloo Sculpture Blanket
Dali Stone Sphere
Sioux Vase
Kanza Vases
Venus Marbled Vases
Maya Vases
Rug, 'Cypress Trees'
Armillary Floor Sculpture
Bangor Giant Tassel Set/2
Jali Stone Trays
Boom Coffee Table
Nord Console & Coffee Table/Bench
Jupiter Vases
Marble Couture Top Hat
Marble Couture Derby Hat
Twister Side Table
Emery Vases
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